Coating Applicator Specialist

Bridge and Industrial Painters – Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist also Coating Application Specialists (CAS). Bridge and Industrial Painters apply techniques to prepare substrates for coating and lining application. Techniques may include removal of rust, mill scale and previously applied hazardous coating utilizing industry-specific tools and techniques.

Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) apply/install protective coatings and linings to steel and concrete on complex structures, such as bridges and towers; waterfront structure, such as locks and dams, ship hulls, offshore platforms, bulkheads, and piers; metal and manufacturing facilities; chemical and processing facilities, such as food processing; food and beverage plants; water and wastewater processing facilities; and conventional and nuclear power generation facilities.

By the nature of their work Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) often work in dangerous environments such as bridges high over waterways, other highways or railroads, or inc confined spaces such as shipboard spaces, small vessels or storage tanks. Because of this, Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) are required to receive more specialized training in health and safety.

In today’s environmentally-conscious culture, Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) must also be careful to protect the environment surrounding the jobsite to ensure that hazardous debris such as lead-based paint and abrasive blasting media is properly contained and disposed of according to stringent federal, state and local regulations. This often requires the rigging of intricate containment systems and work platforms.

Apprentices will learn to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills to the corrosion protection of steel and concrete on complex industrial structures through course work in Health and Safety Awareness for Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS), surface preparation and coating materials properties, and application. Specialty application course work in plural component and thermal spray will further expand their skills. Apprentices will have their capabilities verified through the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Finishing Trades Institute Bridge and Industrial Painters (CAS) Certification Program. The objective of the Certification Program is to determine, through proctored written and practical examination, whether an individual journey worker has the skill and knowledge to perform quality surface preparation and protective coatings application. This training and certification has been designed to meet the requirements for a Level II certified Painter, Coatings and Lining Application Specialist set forth in the Body of Knowledge contained within the SSPC ACS 1/NACE No. 13 Joint Standard and in accordance with ISO 17024.

Apprentices shall be required to maintain their Qualifications per the requirements set forth in the SSPC ACS 1/NACE No. 13 Joint Standards.